How to Make Your New Home Eco-Friendly

Posted on: 17 August 2018
If you're working with new home builders to create your dream home, you may want to identify some eco-friendly building strategies that you can use in your home. For inspiration, take a look at these ideas: Use Locally Sourced Materials The longer materials have to travel to get to your building site, the greater toll they take on the environment. If possible, try to use materials that are available locally. In addition to being environmentally sound, this practice can also help to create a home that complements the surrounding area.
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Mass Effect: Should You Choose Mass Concrete Underpinning To Strengthen Your Home's Foundations?

Posted on: 14 August 2018
The foundations of an average home are colossal and tremendously durable concrete structures—after all, they need to be to support the weight of an entire house for many decades. However, even the most redoubtable house foundations are still vulnerable to damage caused by subsidence, expansive soils and other forces, and it's very likely that, at some point during its working life, a foundation will need to be reinforced. Reinforcing a home's foundations involves a process known as house underpinning, which essentially involves expanding the existing foundations to counteract the loss of load-bearing strength caused by foundation damage, and a variety of underpinning methods are used by modern foundation repair services.
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The top five reasons for pruning trees

Posted on: 13 August 2018
There's nothing more luxurious than surrounding your home with tall, strong trees. You may have planted your trees yourself, waiting patiently over the years for them to become the proud specimens they are today, or maybe you were lucky enough to purchase your home complete with an established garden. However your trees made their way onto your property, they form a unique part of your home and one that's well worth looking after.
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Weed-Busting Tips for Pre-Turf Ground Preparation

Posted on: 10 August 2018
Laying pre-bought turf is by far the quickest way to get a beautiful lawn, as you don't have to go through the ordeal of planting seed, waiting for it to grow and then sorting out any gaps and patchy areas. With that said, just because actually putting down turf is fairly fast, you do need to spend some time preparing beforehand. Although there are a number of things to do if you want to give your new turf a good start, one of the most important is dealing with any weeds on the ground.
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