Do You Need a Professional Contractor For a Pool Fence?

Posted on: 10 June 2022

To put it simply, there is no legal requirement in Australia that places an onus on homeowners to hire a professional pool fence contractor whether they are constructing a new pool fence or repairing an old one. However, that is not to say that conducting a home pool fence installation on your own should be taken lightly. This is because there are numerous advantages available to you from having pool fences installed professionally. Before you embark on your own pool fence installation, read why turning to an experienced contractor in your locality might be the more advisable thing to do.

  • Meet the Regulations

To begin with, there are numerous state regulations that cover the installation of pool fences. Any fence that is fitted to make a swimming pool safe will have to comply with these rules. Even trickier, the regulations for fencing off pools in Queensland, for example, will often differ from other parts of the country. In some cities, there are municipal regulations that need to be conformed to, as well. As such, it is easy to make mistakes even if you are trying to follow the correct building code in your part of the country. On the other hand, local contractors should be well-versed in all aspects of the construction work involved and supply you with a fence that not only looks good but ticks all of the right boxes when it is inspected by the authorities.

  • Ensure the Fence Is Built to Last

Remember that building a fence around your pool is not just about fulfilling the minimum legal obligations you have for safety but also to create something that you can be proud of on your property. After all, even in the largest of Australian gardens, you are likely to be looking at the fence around your pool for many years to come. Therefore, you will want something that is as aesthetically pleasing in ten years' time as it is on the day it was installed. When professional installers are hired, you can expect an expert job that will be built to provide the longevity you are after.

  • Prevent Access to Children and Pets

Every home is different with unique factors to take into consideration. For example, it is no good having a fence that reaches a certain height if there is a nearby tree or structure that allows kids or pets to leap across it. There again, sometimes undulating ground might provide an access point beneath the pool fence installation unless it is carried out properly. Dealing with all of these issues is what you can expect when your turn to a professional team of installers.

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