Timber Frame Trusses — Answer to Commonly Asked Questions

Posted on: 6 September 2018

Trusses are common structures integrated into home building designs. The distinct triangular shape not only add aesthetic appeal to your structure, but the stability of the trusses also work to provide your roof (or any suspended platform) with much-needed support. Nevertheless, despite timber frame trusses being commonplace in wooden structures, not many homeowners know how to differentiate them, how to select one and so on. The article below answers some of the commonly asked questions pertaining to timber frame trusses.

What types of building projects will benefit from timber frame trusses?

Timber frame trusses can be integrated into a majority of construction projects whether you are embarking on constructing a new home build or are looking to erect a secondary structure such as a barn. As long as your building needs roof support, you will find that timber frame trusses will be highly beneficial to your structure's design.

What are the different types of timber frame trusses?

Just as you can choose different roofing designs for your structure, you can also decide what type of timber frame trusses you would want for your building's structural needs. A few of the favourite kinds that contractors and homeowners lean towards include king post trusses, scissor trusses, parallel chord trusses and queen post trusses. While the different types of timber frame trusses will have unique designs, they also have varying abilities when it comes to supporting your roofing structure. Therefore, rather than making a decision based on appearance, you should also consider how you want the weight of your roofing structures redistributed so that you can cost cut on supplies.

How do you choose the right timber frame truss design?

Picking out timber frame trusses for your home will be a task that your architect will be responsible for. While they will furnish you with the various designs that would complement your home, the architect will still have to work together with the roof designer too. The two specialists can the utilise computer-aided design programs to establish what timber frame truss will be both visually and structurally complementary to your building.

How are timber frame trusses made?

Once the structural design of your roofing has been finalised, the construction contractors will use treated, pre-cut timber for the trusses. Once the trusses are installed, the contractors will then employ metal connectors to affix the beams together. After truss construction is complete, they are delivered to your building site and attached to the structure by your contractors.