3 Reasons Why You Need Concrete Kerbing Between Your Driveway and Your Landscaping

Posted on: 4 September 2018

A well-paved driveway and beautiful landscaping can make a home look wonderful, but if you want both your drive and your lawn to stay looking their best, it's important that you keep them separate. A border of concrete kerbing (also known as concrete edging) is one of the most effective and attractive ways to do so. Here's why a concrete kerb barrier between your driveway and your landscaping is so important.

Kerbing Makes Driveways Look Better

One of the most obvious benefits of concrete kerbing between your driveway and your landscaping is its aesthetic appeal. The main reason homeowners decide to landscape around their driveway is to make the front of their house look better. However, your landscaping won't look good if it starts to spill out onto the asphalt and become unruly. Kerbing keeps landscaping neat and tidy, and it can even add its own charm to your home's appearance if you opt for a patterned or coloured kerb.

Kerbing Prevents Moss, Algae and Other Problems

If you've ever had moss, algae, lichen or liverwort on your driveway, you'll know how dangerous these pest plants can be. Even a small covering of moss can make a driveway very slippery, leading cars to swerve and people to slip. One way to prevent moss growth is to kerb your driveway landscaping. Every time you water the lawn of a landscape with no kerb, moisture will seep onto your asphalt. This provides the perfect moist environment for pest plants to thrive in. Kerbing between your landscaping and your driveway will keep this water away from your asphalt, ensuring it stays too dry for moss and algae to take hold.

Kerbing Increases Your Landscape's Lifespan

Without kerbing, it's easy for your landscaping to become disturbed. Members of your household may find themselves accidentally walking or even driving on the lawn or flowerbeds if there's no barrier between your driveway and your foliage. On top of that, oils from your car will easily be able to seep into and kill your grass and plants. The barrier kerbing creates will help keep feet, wheels and road toxins away from your landscaping, ensuring it stays green and beautiful for years to come. Concrete kerbing in particular is the best edging choice because concrete has a long lifespan itself. Its strength and durability will keep it intact and crack-free so it can keep your landscape protected with little maintenance.