Bitumen Driveway Sealing Guide

Posted on: 22 July 2022

An older driveway can begin to look bad over time, or small damages may begin to affect its usefulness. If your drive is made of asphalt, then bitumen spray sealing provides a simple repair method that adds years to the lifespan of your paving.

Basic Information  

Bitumen spray sealing is applied over the existing asphalt, so there is no need to tear up any paving or do extensive work. It consists of a bitumen spray that is applied to the drive, then it is covered with an aggregate.

The bitumen itself is a petroleum product, much like the asphalt used to make the driveway. This means it is able to adhere well to asphalt since they are of similar chemical makeup. 

Sealing Benefits

There are many benefits to bitumen sealing. If your driveway has small damages, such as cracks or the beginnings of potholes, then filling these in is a must. Unfortunately, patched asphalt can look bad. Applying a sealer over the patched driveway will give it a more even colour so that the patches are no longer obvious. Bitumen itself is nearly black, which means it can cover most stains and patches evenly and attractively.

Sealing also fills in and repairs damages that are too small to patch normally. Further, the seal protects the surface from weathering and moisture absorption, which can lead to degradation of the surface and loosening of the aggregate inside the asphalt.  The same properties of a sealer that guard against moisture damages can also help prevent stain absorption. 

Application Method

One of the biggest benefits of sealing as opposed to replacing a driveway is that the application is much quicker and less of an inconvenience. Your sealing contractor will begin by cleaning the asphalt and patching any damages. Hot patch asphalt is typically used, as it adheres permanently with the existing asphalt base.

The bitumen sealant is then applied in thin layers. The more heavily used the driveway is the more layers that will be necessary. Climate may also impact how many layers the contractor decides to put down. A stone aggregate is then applied over the final layer and pressed in so it is fully incorporated. This aggregate layer not only looks nice but also provides further asphalt protection and traction.

Contact a driveway spray sealing service if your driveway could use a facelift and minor repairs. A bitumen spray application can be just the thing for a better-looking drive.