Why Acoustic Panelling Is Not Just For Commercial Properties

Posted on: 23 July 2021

When most people hear the words acoustic panelling, they probably think of libraries, music studios or even cinemas. After all, those are large, public spaces that use acoustic panelling to focus your attention on something. However, acoustic panelling is also used very successfully in a whole bunch of more business-like situations, ranging from cubicles to meeting rooms and everything in between. Here are a few rooms that you should consider using acoustic panelling in at home to take advantage of the many benefits that come from having the noise in that area silenced by unobtrusive panels. 

Garages Attached To The House 

This is a bit of a specific niche problem that not everyone will face, but for those who are raising small children, the sound of a car arriving home may as well be an alarm clock. Either the children have been waiting for a parent to come home so they can say goodnight or perhaps they are just roused by the sound of an engine so close to them. Acoustic panelling can dampen this engine noise and also allow you to do more construction projects in the garage without disturbing too many people (unless you drive a car with a really explosive engine!). 


This should go without saying, but keeping your study isolated from the rest of the house so you have no distractions is key to keeping a productive workspace. This has become more necessary than ever as COVID-19 has made working from home more of an option for millions of people. A few pieces of acoustic panelling can make a huge difference for your ability to study and work without white noise affecting you, and it can also make the room look a lot better. Acoustic panelling don't have to be dreary; many companies produce quite well crafted and interesting designs that double as acoustic panelling. 


For some people, getting a good night's sleep can be exceptionally hard, especially if they live in a city. For others, living with flatmates is the cause of their late nights. Whatever the cause may be, if you want to sleep soundly with much less distractions than you are probably used to, acoustic panelling could be the answer. You can even have it installed on the roof so that it is less visible while it still provides ample noise reductions to let you get your beauty sleep every night.