Could custom grates help your building function better?

Posted on: 23 July 2021

When you manage a building or a site that is used for industrial purposes, one of your most important responsibilities will be to ensure that the building remains safe for all those who use it. You will check that the electrical supply is safe and that there are no hazards to surprise the unwary. You will also ensure that the building is structurally safe and that maintenance is up to date in every area.

However, sometimes it is not the structure of the building that is a problem, but what happens inside the building. Chemical or industrial processes can often create unpleasant odours or harmful fumes that should not be allowed to gather in an enclosed space. Allowing adequate ventilation is vital to keep all employees safe. Free movement of air is often best accomplished by using custom grates. The holes in the grating will permit air to pass through them, so there is no possibility of any harmful build-up of fumes. It may be that your company is not involved in any processes that generate noxious odours, but it is still a good idea to use custom grates for ventilation as temperature control can often be as important as odour control. Your staff will work best when they can enjoy a temperature-controlled environment that keeps everyone comfortable.

What about the outside?

Using custom grates to aid ventilation inside your building is helpful, but they can be equally useful outside your premises. Do you have an outdoor space that tends to get waterlogged quickly? If drainage is a concern for your business, you must find a solution to avoid forcing visitors and employees to wade through puddles to enter or leave the building. Installing custom grates at the lowest point of your property is the best way to ensure that good drainage is maintained. All the surface water will run down to the grate where it enters the drainage system. You can talk to the manufacturer of custom grates to design a grate that does the job, while still blending seamlessly into its environment.

Sometimes, water is always intended to be a part of your outside space. Maybe, you have a fountain by the entrance to your premises? Perhaps, there is a nearby stream incorporated into the landscape. When water is involved, it's always possible that it will end up where it's not supposed to be. Including drainage via custom grates, is the best way to keep your outdoor space the way the designer intended. 

To learn more about custom grates, contact a local manufacturer.