Could Your Home Benefit From a Ducted Vacuum Cleaner?

Posted on: 18 November 2020

Every home needs regular cleaning to ensure that it stays dust-free and a pleasant place to live. Many people will regularly get out their household vacuum cleaner and carry it from room to room as they clean their home, but is there a better solution? An increasing number of people are coming to appreciate the benefits that a ducted vacuum cleaner can offer and are having them installed in their homes.

What is a ducted vacuum cleaner?  

A portable vacuum cleaner is carried from room to room in your property depending on where it is needed. When it reaches the room you want to clean, you normally have to unwind the power cord and plug it in before you can start cleaning. If you install a ducted vacuum cleaner, the power unit and the collection container become permanent fixtures in your home. You can have them placed inconspicuously in your utility room, garage or basement. The dust and dirt are collected up in the vacuum hose and sent via inlets fixed into the walls of your property into ducts and carried to the collection container.

Why consider buying a ducted vacuum cleaner?

If you have never thought about fitting a ducted vacuum cleaner before, it might seem like an odd idea, but there are plenty of excellent reasons to consider investing in such a system. Here are just two points for your consideration.

A ducted vacuum cleaner is great for allergy sufferers

Dust particles in the home are one of the most significant causes of allergies. When you vacuum with a traditional portable vacuum cleaner, many of these particles are not retained by the cleaner since they are too small for the filter to hold, so they end up back in your home. If you install a ducted vacuum cleaner, these allergy-inducing particles are carried straight to the collection container.

A ducted vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier

Instead of hauling a portable cleaner up and down the stairs and in and out of every room, a ducted vacuum cleaner makes cleaning simple. There is less physical work, and there is no annoying power cord to trip over while you are cleaning. A ducted vacuum cleaner also avoids the noisy operation of traditional cleaners, which can often disturb sensitive pets or sleeping neighbours.

To find out more about the benefits of a ducted vacuum cleaner system, speak to your nearest supplier today.