How That Bit Of Land You Absolutely Love Could Be Yours Without Having To Buy The Whole Property

Posted on: 8 May 2020

If you have ever driven around a rural or semi-rural area, you would no doubt be enchanted with the fantastic space that seems perfect for a house to raise a family in. Not only is it secluded and would have a lot of space for your family to grow, but it is likely much cheaper than buying in the city, right? Well, often these properties are hundreds of acres and trying to get the owners to sell up can be difficult, and the cost can be in the millions. However, there is a way to get a portion of land for a steeply discounted price through a process called land division. 

What Is Land Division?

Land division is an administrative process that divides one distinct parcel of land into two or more properties with their own titles. So, instead of having to buy a whole plot, you can approach the owners about purchasing a piece of the larger property they own. Many landowners are agreeable to this because land division puts money in their pocket, reduces their land only marginally and allows them to upgrade other areas of their current property that might be a bit decrepit due to their current budget. 

How Hard Is The Land Division Process?

If you get the landowners to agree to sell a parcel of their land, then you can get the land division procedure underway immediately. The first thing you should do is contact a conveyancing agency to guide you through the journey. Conveyancing experts do a lot of the groundwork, including:

  • Getting exact measurements of the current and future properties.
  • Submitting paperwork to relevant authorities 
  • Addressing any council or state government grievances
  • Striking up contracts between you and the property owner

Basically, a conveyancing agent will make the process a lot more efficient and accurate, which should bring about the end goal of this transaction much quicker.

What Then?

Once the land division has gone through, you need to start installing all the foundational elements of a home; including access to power, sewerage, water mains, installation of a driveway and so on. There are many construction contractors that specialise in land division preparation, which can help you start a house from what is essentially wild bushland. From there, more conventional construction crews can begin work on the house proper, and in no time you will be able to move in and start decorating it the way you want.