3 Critical Rules to Observe for a Successful Home Extension Project

Posted on: 19 February 2020

As a property owner looking to sell, you need to assess your structure before listing it. Most property owners do not know that a simple addition to the property can increase its value significantly. Home extensions are one such addition, and although such a project can be expensive, it is arguably the most surefire way to increase a property's value. However, finding the space for a home extension can be a problem if you have a small house. This article highlights critical rules for home extensions. 

Consider Your Neighbours

One of the first and arguably the most important rules to observe when considering a home extension is how it affects your neighbours. While you want to add an extra room to your home, it might not be worth it if the extension does not respect your neighbours' privacy or concerns. For example, if your neighbour has a swimming pool in their backyard, they likely want to enjoy some privacy. However, if you add another storey in your property, anyone occupying the room will likely be able to see whatever is happening in your neighbour's pool area. Such a breach of privacy will not go down well with your neighbour. Therefore, before staring an extension project, consider how it will affect your neighbours.

Move Out Temporarily

Home extensions are significant additions to any home. However, most homeowners feel that they can live in their homes throughout the project, especially if they want to save money. This usually turns out to be the wrong move because such a project will affect your daily routine significantly. Therefore, you should, as much as possible, find a temporary living space during the duration of the home extension project. Not only will it maintain your daily routine, but it will also allow the contractor to work faster and eliminate the need to tidy up the mess constantly. Ultimately, by moving out, you save a ton of time and you have peace of mind. 

Match the Trend

Since you are eventually going to sell the property, even if you are currently living in it, you should find out trending home extension ideas before you even think of hiring a contractor. Most homeowners believe that adding an extra storey with one or two bedrooms will appeal to any potential buyer. However, that may not be the case in your area. Therefore, if you find that most homebuyers are looking for a spacious kitchen, then go ahead and extend your existing kitchen to create an open-plan space. If most buyers are looking for homes with a spacious outdoor relaxation area, then you cannot go wrong with a verandah that is fully equipped with slated or louvred roofs.

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