Why A Knock Down Rebuild Is Generally Preferable To Major Renovations

Posted on: 22 November 2019

If you have lived in your home for a while and are starting to get frustrated with all the imperfections continually causing you grief, then you probably have already planned out exactly what you want fixed and how to do it. You have likely been eyeing a renovation for some time, but a renovation will not give you the peace and quiet you crave. Old houses will always throw up more problems than can be solved, and the truth is if you didn't design or build your house, then you probably will never be fully satisfied with it. That is why a knock down rebuild is almost always the better long term solution to your housing woes.

Isn't It Very Expensive To Demolish My House, Let Alone Rebuild It?

You would be surprised at just how cheap the knock down part of a knock down rebuild can be. It is not uncommon to find a knock down rebuild specialist offering a discounted package rate that means your demolition could cost less than you initially thought. Knocking down a house is also easier the further you are from the city due to the constricted nature of those construction sites. Nevertheless, the demolition is the easy part of the job, and once you have a blank canvass, it is time to start work on the place you really want to live in.

Isn't This Just A More Expensive Option For The Same Service?

A knock down rebuild is not the same as a renovation for many reasons:

  • You can fix design problems with your home you wouldn't have known about before moving in originally.
  • You can upgrade the quality of the materials used in your house so cracks, dents, scratches and deterioration all take longer to present themselves. 
  • You can dramatically increase the market price of your house were it to be made for sale.
  • You know for a fact that reoccurring problems like cracking tiles, flooding pipes and sinking floors are not going to happen again.

And so on and so on. A knock down rebuild is a far more holistic approach to solving construction issues with your home, and that is why many people choose it over renovation.

Isn't This Going to Take More Time?

The longest part of a knock down rebuild is the construction of a new house. The demolition can take just a few days or a week, and once that is done, the work on the new house can begin. If you have all the construction material and crews ready to go, then a new house can be up within a few months. Often the longest part about a knock down rebuild is waiting for council approval of the work, so make sure you submit your forms as early as possible.

For more information about a knock down rebuild, contact a local resource.