The Informed Beginners Guide To Decking

Posted on: 22 October 2019

Decks are one of the most recognisable features in any Australia home. Decks come in every size and shape, from ones so vast you could swear they covered the whole backyard to those little bigger than a step. If you are looking to get into decking, there are a few things you need to understand before you start contracting any decking builder to begin the installation. When you understand what goes into owning and maintaining a deck and what types of decking there are, then you will have all the information you need to make a good choice.

Different Decks

There are many different options when it comes to timber decking, as any decking builder will tell you. They can all be divided into roughly three different subsections.

  1. Treated natural wood: almost all decking wood is treated because of how much it is going to have to stand up to the elements. A natural wood deck is beautiful, feels great and can last a long time, but it requires a lot of care and is more expensive.
  2. Composite: this kind of deck contains real wood but also other materials such as plastic. These are touted for their resistance, price and environmental friendliness (coming from recycled items mostly). They don't have the same feel as real timber.
  3. Modular: this type of decking is real wood, but it comes in prefabricated designs and parts that are simply fitted together. This means it is easy to install, but it has a little bit less of the natural charm of treated natural wood.

When choosing which type of deck you want, consider the pros and cons of each different type and match them against your own interests.


The simple fact of the matter is that decks don't require a lot of maintenance except for a few times a year. These short bursts of maintenance can take a day or so to do properly, so if you are not into committing to that much effort, you might consider hiring a decking renovations or decking repairs contractor to do it for you. When you clean your deck, you need deck cleaner and, depending on your type of deck, a sealant to keep it looking fresh. Then simply brush any surface dirt off your deck, begin scrubbing your deck cleaner into every inch of the deck and then wash it away. It sounds simple, but it is back-breaking work and you should take many breaks. If you want to re-stain your deck (colour it) then you need a sealer to keep the new colours in.


You've seen what types of timber there are and how much effort a deck can take to maintain, so you are now ready to begin the process of getting your decking installed. A decking builder is going to be your best friend because many heavy-duty tools are involved and can be dangerous. Decking also requires a good knowledge of structural support and placement, which most people won't have. A decking builder can install your chosen wood for you with the utmost precision, which not only saves you a whole lot of effort, but it also prevents you from getting anything wrong and wasting hundreds of dollars in timber. Don't try it yourself, get the expert in and put your feet up.

For more information, contact a decking builder.