3 Ways to Treat and Get the Most Out of Your Skylight Windows

Posted on: 1 October 2019

Skylights are a unique rooftop feature capable of enhancing the aesthetics of any house. It is no wonder most people buying a new home insist on one that has a skylight. The best part is that you can leave your skylight as-is once installed and still not lose the window's beauty. However, how would you feel if there was a way to treat your skylight and really get the most from it? Here are different ways you can treat a skylight window for a dramatic design accent and enduring value:

Skylight Shades

One of the simplest and most common types of skylight window treatments is covering it with a shade. There are times, for instance during summer, when you might need to open the skylight window fully, but you don't want direct sunlight going through. During such times, skylight shades offer the best solution because when drawn, the shades prevent direct UV rays while still allowing light through. Additionally, customised, high-quality skylight shades provide excellent insulation, thus helping you to cut down on energy costs. The best part is that skylight shades come in varying colours as well as designs. Therefore, you can rest assured that the shade's functionality cannot compromise the beauty element of a skylight window.


Manual skylights are standard in most homes. However, if you want one more reason to love your skylight window, then why not motorise it? It is mainly the case if your skylight window is difficult to access and you must climb up to either clean, open or close it. Through automation, you can partially open or close your skylight depending on how much sunlight you want through. Moreover, anyone that cannot operate a skylight window manually can do so if it is motorised, even your children. Therefore, you do not have to worry about leaving people behind at home who will struggle to handle the automation feature. If you decide to motorise your skylight, you can choose from different control options such as wall-mounted switches, handheld wireless remote controls and mobile applications. 

Self-Cleaning Glazing

If you do not like the sight of a dirty window, then you will find a stained skylight repulsive. In fact, since skylight windows face directly skywards, any debris that falls on the glass settles and stains the window. The situation is made worse when it rains because you are forced to climb up and clean the glass surface. However, you can eliminate all the hassle by using self-cleaning glazing on the skylight. Once the ultra-thin layer of titanium oxide on the self-cleaning glazing reacts with sunlight, it breaks organic dirt into small particles. The particles are much easier to wash away when it rains.

For more information, contact skylight window manufacturers in your area.