Roadway and Civil Works Considerations for Your Homestead

Posted on: 23 August 2019

When you begin considering construction on your homestead property, you may hear the term civil works. This is a division of contracting is usually connected to larger city constructions. However, you can also use the same services on your homestead. Some things to consider include roadways and the development of these roadways. Here are some ways civil works can help you with these roadway issues and what you need to know about each key point.

Roadway Design

You likely already have an entranceway into the homestead property. You may have an exit in the back of the property. What you may not have are roadways within the property for transporting livestock, feed and supplies. The misconception is you can create these just by keeping to the same driving paths and creating a pathway with the ongoing travel between points. However, you need a roadway design plan that is simple to navigate, takes you through the key points of the property and allows you to be safe during those transportation times regardless of flooding or other weather conditions.

Drainage Plan

If you already have the roadway plan and design in mind, you will still need civil works services to help you with drainage. If the drainage for the area is not done properly, you may see flooding in different areas of the roadway. This can cause washout, dangerous driving conditions and unsafe driving areas. Your civil works contractors can use surveys to help determine where drainage issues would be. They can develop the right drainage plans for the area and help you implement these drainage solutions to help maintain the roads on the homestead as well as the homestead itself. 

Electrical Paths

One of the key points you may need to consider is electrical paths that would run along these roadways and drainage areas. Though an option is to have above-ground electrical paths, you can save space by having electrical pipes and pathways mapped for underground or buried electrical. Your civil works contractor can use the surveys created for the drainage and road plans and develop an underground electrical pathway for pipes and wires to be placed to move power through the homestead easily and safely.

When you are ready to get started on the roadways of your homestead property, contact your local civil works and civil construction department. They can help you with the questions you have and with suggestions to help people travel over your property easier. They can also help with the development and the development of the roadways for different weather conditions your homestead may face.