Security Features to Consider When Installing Retail Shop Fittings

Posted on: 19 July 2019

If you have just opened a retail store, then you must be excited about the prospects of surpassing your targets and making huge profits. It doesn't matter what you are selling provided you do your research correctly and pitch your products well in the market. However, you also need to be wary of the risks involved in running a retail store. Malicious people often pose as customers, but they intend to steal your products and drive you into unexpected losses. Gladly, you can incorporate some security features into your display shop fittings to minimise incidences of shoplifting. Here are some of the security features that should top your shopping list: 

Core Systems

Core systems are the first alternative for any retail business that wants to secure stock against shoplifters. The system comes with sensor cables connected to a centralised alarm module. One end of the sensor cable feeds the alarm module while the other end attached to the product you are displaying. Strong adhesive tapes are used to connect the cable to the product you are presenting. The alarm will go off anytime someone tries to remove or cut the cable. Indeed, you wouldn't want your security feature to interfere with your display. Therefore, you can install your core systems underneath or behind your display shelves where customers cannot see them. The cables can then run neatly and connect your products through well-done holes on the display shelves. 

Secure Power Plugs 

Secure plugs are another option you can choose to combat shoplifting. When many retailers think about loss prevention systems, they imagine clutter, cables, and high costs. Not with secure plugs. They are similar to regular power strips that you use in homes and commercial spaces, which allow you to plug in many devices simultaneously. Any disruption to the flow of power triggers an automated alarm, which informs you of anyone trying to remove your product from the display panel. Secure plugs are a great choice when you are doing your fittings for the first time. The sections you reserve for ordinary power plugs in the fittings will host your secure plugs. 

Locking Peg Hooks

Peg hooks are ideal for securing products when displaying them on standalone shelves in an open space. The display panel is a combination of stationary and movable hooks. There is a lock at the top or bottom of the display. It moves the hooks into the lock position to secure your products. If a customer wants to hold the product, then you must open the whole setup for them to remove the item they want. Locking peg hooks are popular for retailers selling sunglasses and spectacles.