Benefits of Investing In a Bulkhead for Your Seafront Property

Posted on: 2 June 2019

While owning a seafront property is a luxury, there are a couple of things that you need to be concerned about. The first is protecting your property from the inevitable rising tides, and the second is protecting your shore from soil erosion. Marine contractors will provide you with an assortment of solutions that you can choose to mitigate these problems. However, one course of action that will prove efficient is the construction of a bulkhead. The primary function of a bulkhead is to provide your property with protection from the water, but this structure offers additional benefits as well. Below is a concise list of reasons why you should invest in a bulkhead for your seafront property.

Cost savings

The typical reason why some homeowners may have reservations about enlisting marine contractors for the construction of a bulkhead is the initial costs. At the onset, admittedly, the expenses can prove exorbitant. However, this investment will eventually recoup your money by ensuring you do not incur additional costs. Once the bulkhead is in place, it will dramatically limit your property's risk to flooding, which in turn saves you money on flood damage repairs. Secondly, the bulkhead will prevent the occurrence of erosion so that your property remains intact. These forms of restoration are undeniably much more expensive than investing in a bulkhead in the first place.

Visual appeal

You could be thinking that the construction of a seawall is much cheaper so you should opt for this barrier wall instead of a bulkhead. However, what you may not be keeping in mind is how the barrier wall will contribute to the kerb appeal of your property. Seawalls, while functional, tend to be quite tall, which can prove as an obstruction to your expansive, scenic views. Secondly, seawalls tend to be constructed from supplies such as cement, so they will not add any aesthetic value to your property. A bulkhead, on the other hand, primarily functions to retain the soil on your property, so they are not obtrusive. Secondly, bulkheads, conversely, are constructed from natural materials that will seamlessly blend with the environment, such as treated wood pilings.

Boundary definition

One surprising benefit of bulkhead construction is that the structure can function as a boundary line as well! Since the main aim of constructing the bulkhead is to ensure that your individual property is protected, you will use your title's specifications to determine the property lines. Hence, once the bulkhead is erected, you never have to worry about a boundary dispute. Not to mention the added benefit of ensuring erosion from neighbouring properties will not make its way onto yours!

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