Maintenance Tips to Keeping Your Ride on Mower in Top-Notch Condition

Posted on: 20 May 2019

Mowing your lawn can be a tedious chore, but if you want to maintain the beauty of your yard, particularly if you have an expansive lot, then it is critical to keeping the grass trimmed for you to enhance the kerb appeal of your lot. A ride-on mower is one of the best investments that you can make for your yard. Available in different varieties, ride-on mowers are garnering popularity from homeowners since they provide you with a comfortable way to maintain the lawn. And if you have recently purchased a ride-on mower, here are maintenance tips to keep it in top-notch condition.

Routinely tighten fasteners

Although the fasteners are tightened while the ride-on mower is in the factory, these fasteners will eventually come loose. Regular use of the ride-on mower, coupled with the vibrations or shaking due to driving over rough terrain, will cause the components to come apart. If you do not have these tightened on a regular basis, you are bound to lose the fasteners and subsequent components that are being held together. To tighten the fasteners, ensure that you have turned off the mower's battery and take out the spark plugs to ensure your safety.

Regularly inspect the filter

Filters are integral parts to any equipment that needs to be protected from debris collecting inside the system. Therefore, your ride-on mower's filter is just as important as an HVAC filter, car filter and so on. When you take into consideration that ride-on mowers are exposed to grass cutting and soil, it is crucial to ensure that the filter is clean enough to keep these types of debris from accumulating inside the ride-on mower. Failure to inspect and clean the filter can lead to your ride-on mower overheating, which will have an adverse impact on other components of the mowers. Additionally, ensure that your ride-on mowers filter is replaced when it should be, which is usually on an annual basis.

Monitor the oil and the fuel levels

For your ride-on mower to function efficiently, you need to ensure the fluid levels are at optimum. A mistake some people make is mowing their lawn when the tank is running low. The best thing to do is routinely check the fuel and replenish it as needed. The oil should be checked and replaced as needed too since it is essential for the lubrication of the mower parts. If the oil looks like sludge, chuck it because the debris inside it will damage the internal components.

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