Emerging Trends in Door Hardware

Posted on: 11 March 2019

Turn and open – this has been the standard feature on door hardware for years. Notably, there is nothing wrong with traditional door knobs, but today's homeowner is looking for more than just functionality. Efficiency and aesthetics on door hardware have become just as important. With so many manufacturers producing some of the best builders' door hardware in the market, it can be difficult for custom homebuilders to keep up with what's popular and what's running out of favour. Staying ahead of the competition, therefore, requires an excellent understanding of what's trending in the door hardware sector. This article highlights the emerging trends that your clients will not turn down.


Homeowners in the middle to high-end neighbourhoods are today looking for door hardware that blends well with the overall design of their homes while remaining concealed. As custom home designs are becoming more client-oriented, custom homebuilders must pay attention to the aesthetic needs of their clients. For example, prospective homeowners are asking custom homebuilders to find ways they can conceal their door hardware. While locksets are difficult to conceal, door closers on traditional doors are easy to hide. Therefore, entries are being mounted either above or below the doors. The positioning does not interfere with their mechanical operation, but it does away with the conspicuous box thereby giving the door a sleek look.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and door hardware is a combination that does not make sense to most people. However, environmentally conscious homeowners are today insisting on builders hardware that is not only beautiful and functional, but also energy efficient. For instance, automatic door applicators are no longer found in commercial buildings alone; they can also be found in high-end residential homes today. Therefore, builders should be ready with energy-efficient door solutions, especially if you consider the rising cost of energy. Besides, most homeowners today will only agree to have door hardware that is manufactured through environmentally friendly means.

Ease of Installation

Your average homeowner today puts on different caps. Homeowners are handy when it comes to handling different projects around their property, and minor door repairs are an excellent example. Therefore, this group of clients will instead take care of simple malfunctions to their door rather than spend money on a service provider. Consequently, it is vital to keep this in mind when selecting door hardware for your clients. For example, door hardware manufacturers are today offering pre-assembled door features that come with installation manuals. The manuals come in handy for homeowners who need to change a faulty door handle or change it to another model.