Typical Risk Factors That Could Make You Require Foundation Work

Posted on: 7 September 2018

One of the wort problems that you can face as a homeowner is foundation decline. Once this begins to happen, it manifests in different areas of your home and can eventually compromise the entire integrity of the structure. Thus, it is imperative to know how best to care for your home's foundation to prevent undue damage. However, maintaining your foundation is not as straightforward as taking care of your gutters because you cannot see this structure. So how should you go about it? The key is to know the risk factors your foundation faces and how to mitigate potential damage. The following piece highlights common risk factors that could make you require foundation work

The foliage around your home is dry

With the current drought spreading around Australia, it can be challenging to maintain a verdant yard. However, if you have trees and shrubs growing close to your foundation, it is critical to take steps toward keeping them hydrated, or you will end up contending with foundation problems. The root systems of dry trees will eventually start spreading underground in search of much-needed moisture. As a result, the roots start encroaching your foundation for hydration. Before you know it, your foundation develops cracks that sacrifice its stability. To avoid this problem, you could either opt for tree removal or invest in an irrigation system that will keep your foliage hydrated.

Your property has poor drainage

An excellent drainage system is critical to the longevity of your foundation. And this does not simply mean having the right inclination on your property. Firstly, your roofing structure should have an adequate pitch to ensure that precipitation is being redirected away from the structure appropriately. Secondly, your gutters should be in excellent condition so that water is not pooling inside them and subsequently spilling over the side of your structure.

When your drainage system is not working accordingly, water starts to puddle on the perimeter of your foundation. With time, the foundation surfaces from water damage, leading to cracking and crumbling due to seepage. It is judicious to have your drainage system professionally maintained on a routine basis to prevent settling of your foundation.

Your plumbing is in jeopardy

Plumbing problems do not exclusively affect the interior of your home. When leaks go undetected, they pose a high risk of also damaging your foundation. Keep in mind that some leaks may result from underground pipes bursting. Thus, your foundation is exposed to water ingress, which results in considerable damage. It is essential for all homeowners to keep a keen eye on the condition of their plumbing too if you are to avoid foundation problems.