Scaffolding: 3 Things to Check Before You Begin Work

Posted on: 7 September 2018

If your work team need to carry out work on the higher levels of a building, they will need to use scaffolding. Scaffolding provides a platform on which tools and equipment can be positioned and work completed. However, in order to remain safe when using scaffolding, it is important that your team are able to properly assess if it is safe before they begin work. Below is a guide to three things a work team should check before beginning work which requires the use of scaffolding.

1. Check the integrity of the scaffold

Once the scaffolding has been constructed, workers should not take the fact that it is stable for granted. The first thing they should check is the foundations of the scaffold. Every pole at the base of the scaffold should be inspected to make sure that it is properly connected to the other poles. Workers should also check that the pins which hold the scaffold tubes together are in place and secure. Once the foundations have been checked, the team should work their way up the structure, checking each pole in the same way.

2. Check the load-bearing capacity of the scaffold

Next, the team should turn their attention to the load-bearing capacity if the structure. The load-bearing capacity of a scaffold tower can vary depending on the type of scaffold poles and flooring used in its construction. The team which constructed the scaffolding should have left a record of the load-bearing capacity. Once this is known, an assessment of the equipment and people who will be on the scaffold should be carried out to establish that the scaffold will be able to hold the necessary weight.

3. Check that the structure is level

Once your workforce is happy that the scaffold structure is sound, they should check that the scaffold is level. Scaffolding which is not level can present a number of problems. Firstly, scaffolding that is tilting slightly is at an increased risk of falling over. Secondly, even if the tilt isn't that great, it increases the chance that tools and components will roll off the edge of the platform while the work is carried out. Falling objects can cause serious injury to those working below. If the scaffold is found to be tilting, the scaffolding team should be called back in to correct the problem before work begins.

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