Kitchen Splashbacks – Get Creative with the Following Exceptional Materials

Posted on: 31 August 2018

Kitchen remodels usually are characterised by significant overhauls such as opening up the space, re-flooring the room and so on. However, not all renovations have to be at a large scale. Small changes to your kitchen can also go a long way in making the room more functional as well as bolstering its visual appeal. While ceramic splashbacks are a staple for Australian kitchens, this material does not provide much of a visual impact. Thus, an excellent place to focus your renovations on would be by changing your kitchen splashbacks to a unique and visually exciting material that will also work to protect your walls from permanent staining or scorching. So what are some exceptional materials that you can utilise for creative kitchen splashbacks?


If you are a contemporary homeowner whose home is characterised by minimalist themes and clean lines, then you will find glass a suitable alternative to ceramic splashbacks. Glass is one of the most striking supplies that you can utilise without having to worry about whether it will integrate with your design options or not, as it has a universal appeal. In addition to this, glass splashbacks come in an assortment of styles so you can be assured you will find a design that will project your taste.

For instance, if you want to enhance the illumination in your kitchen, backlit glass splashbacks can function as task lighting over your benchtops. Another option that you could consider is back-painted splashbacks that will complement the colour choices in your space. Glass splashbacks are also highly reflective, which makes them perfect for kitchens plagued with shadows.

Stainless steel

Although typically considered as an industrial material, stainless-steel splashbacks can actually work quite well in most kitchen settings. For instance, if you have a traditional, rustic-themed space, you can utilise stainless-steel splashbacks sparingly to ensure that they do not detract from your farmhouse kitchen. Stainless steel splashbacks offer numerous benefits, which is why they are steadily becoming a favourite option for Australian kitchens.

Firstly, if you are concerned about hygiene in the kitchen, stainless steel is one of the most sanitary supplies that you could elect to use since they do not favour the breeding of bacteria. Secondly, if you have various metallic appliances and benchtops in your kitchen, the stainless-steel splashbacks can tie in the overall visual appeal of the space. While stainless steel is typically associated with shiny surfaces, you can also opt for matte or acid-etched finishes that will make the material appear softer.