3 Rooms to Add for Your Custom Home Build

Posted on: 31 August 2018

When you create a custom home design for you and your family, you likely think of certain rooms automatically. For example, you think of the kitchen as well as the bathrooms and bedrooms. You may also think of a family room and dining room. There are three rooms you may not think of during the design stages. Here are three rooms to add to your custom home design build and why you should add them.


If you haven't already considered a mudroom as part of your custom home design, you may want to give it a look. There is a misconception that mudrooms are only for storing outdoor shoes and preventing people from bringing dirt and mud into the house. The truth is, a custom mudroom can also be a suitable area for washing family pets, spraying off items before they go to the laundry, and for seasonal storage. You can have custom builders incorporate a small sink for washing your pets that will multi-task to handle some of the other previously mentioned tasks.

Spa Room

If self care is something that is on your weekly to-do list, then you may want to consider a spa room. The spa room can be small and house a whirlpool, jacuzzi, or bathtub with water jets for massaging. The room can also be designed to offer special meditation inspiring lighting and ambient sounds. In addition to these options, your spa room can also be designed to be suitable for full body beauty treatments and soundproofed to give you a total spa getaway right in the comfort of your own home.

Sensory Room for Children

There is an increasing need for children to have a sensory room to help them with become overwhelmed. This is an ideal option for children who are on the spectrum or those who have difficulty dealing with sensory related issues such as noise or colours. The room is designed to offer lights and sensory related items to help the child calm down and refocus. The room does not have to be large and can be built directly for your child's specific sensory or spectrum needs. It can also double as a therapy room for children with therapy conditioning needs such as stretching, tumbling, and pressure sensing.

If these three rooms appeal to you, or if you have other design plans, contact your local custom home builders. They can help you with your design plans and making those plans come to life. They can also answer your scheduling questions, pricing, and other questions you may have regarding using custom home builders.