Tubular Fencing: The Advantages

Posted on: 29 August 2018

Everybody needs a fence around their home for privacy, security and even aesthetic purposes. However, the endless options available in the markets can make your search for the ideal fencing for your home quite challenging, especially if it's just your first time being involved in a fence installation. One of the popular types of fencing you will come across is known as tubular or tube fencing. Unlike the conventional types of fencing that rely on solid posts, tubular fencing comprises a series of hollow tubes made from a specific material, usually metal. Tubular fencing comes with plenty of benefits. Here are a few.


Tubular fencing is usually sturdier than most other types of fencing such as wood and vinyl, which is something you will find desirable. Keep in mind, however, that different types of metals can be used on tubular fencing. Aluminium and steel are usually the primary options. If you need something stronger and more durable, steel would be the ideal option. However, while aluminium may not be as strong as steel, it's usually cheaper, which is something you may want to consider if you are on a budget.


Perhaps this is one of the main reasons to consider tubular fencing. Their hollow nature makes them significantly lighter than solid posts of similar material. The lightweight property of this type of fencing makes it easy to handle during transportation as well as installation. Even steel that is quite heavy when solid is usually lighter when you consider tubular fencing. That means you can get the best of both worlds regarding ease of handling and strength.

Low-Level Maintenance

Unlike wood fencing, for instance, tubular fencing requires little to no maintenance. That's because it's resistant to a lot of the outdoor elements. Aluminium, for example, is excellent when it comes to corrosion resistance. However, since it's relatively weaker than steel, it may be susceptible to denting, which may call for repairs. To avoid such, you should consider steel. Keep in mind, however, that steel in itself is not corrosion-resistant. Therefore, to make it insusceptible to rusting or corrosion, choose galvanised steel.

Plenty of Design Options

There are innumerable options when it comes to designs and styles of tubular fencing. That means you can always find something that works ideally for your home regardless of the architectural style. Also, tubular fencing comes in a range of colours from which you can choose.