3 Reasons to Use Galvanized Steel Roof Trusses for Tiny Homes

Posted on: 27 August 2018

Most tiny homes are designed for travel, which means that you have to make sure you come in within certain weight restrictions to be considered road legal. You also have to consider how the tiny home balance, the safety of the home and the overall budget for the home. One of the options you can use is are galvanized steel roof trusses. Here are three reasons to use this type of roof truss material for your tiny home and how the material can help your overall tiny home design.

Road Legal Weight

One of the biggest issues you will face with a tiny home build is the weight restriction and remaining road legal. Galvanized steel roof trusses can help with this since they are one of the lightest steel options for trusses. This not only allows the steel to be used in the roof trusses but also throughout the tiny home framing to give you solid weight distribution, lighter-weight, load-bearing beams, and a solid durable construction for travel. The steel trusses are made from layered sheets of galvanized steel that bond to create a durable solid steel beam. If you use these beams in the roof trusses as well as throughout the construction, you can add weight to areas, like the bathroom, that are often overlooked.

Fire Resistant

If a fire were to occur in your tiny home, and you had traditional timber trusses, the entire tiny home could be engulfed quickly. One of the ways you can reduce the chance of fire spreading and offer some fire safety to your tiny home build is to use the galvanized steel trusses. They are fire resistant and help to reduce the chances of the fire spreading and ruining the entire time. If you use the steel for your framework as well, you can at least help to ensure that you will have the frame of your tiny home, even if the fire does spread.

Pest Reduction

Depending on where you plan on traveling, pests can be a huge problem for your tiny home. Certain pests, such as termites, can destroy your tiny home from the roof trusses to the floor. You can have the timber trusses areas treated against pests, the problem is you will need to have that done on a routine basis. With galvanized steel roof trusses, they are naturally pest resistant. This means you will not need to take any extra steps to ensure they are resistant to pest attacks or breakdown.

These are only three reasons to use galvanized steel roof trusses for your tiny home design. If you are ready to move forward with this material, contact companies like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd. They can either create custom options for you, or they can direct you to pre-fabricated models that will work with your tiny home dimensions.