Systematic Guide to the Process of Home Building

Posted on: 22 August 2018

The prospect of finally constructing your first home can be incredibly exciting. However, being a first--time homeowner, it can also be a frustrating ordeal. This frustration typically stems from the fear of the unknown. New homeowners who have never been involved in the construction process may be unaware of the different stages and phases that go into the building of a home. Thus, they could end up feeling as if the process is taking longer than average when it actuality your home builders are following the right procedure.

If you are about to have your first house constructed, here is a simple systematic guide of what the process entails.

Step 1: Survey the land

Before any construction begins, you need to have a land survey performed on your lot. The survey functions to map out the topography of your land parcel. This information is then used to determine boundaries as well as the placement of structures on the property. Once the survey is complete, the land surveyor will mark the property by use of stakes so that the home builders will have a clear idea of where the construction will be carried out. It is crucial for you as the owner to take part in the survey process so that you achieve the precise orientation that you want for your new house.

Step 2: Design a floor plan

The next step in custom home building is designing your dream floor plan. Your floorplan is what will direct your home builders to the preferred architectural elements of your home. You could go about creating your floor plan in two ways. First, you could opt for to choose a pre-designed layout from your construction firm. Alternatively, you could hire a design firm or an architect to create a floor plan for you that will meet your immediate and future household needs.

Step 3: Lay the foundation

Once the floor plan designed has been finalised and approved by both you and your home builders, the construction process can begin. The first stage of home building is the laying of the foundation. This stage involves the pouring of concrete and reinforcing it with rebar to make sure that t remains structurally sound for the long term.

Step 4: Erect the framing

The contractors will then give the foundation time to set and cure sufficiently before the framing of your house is erected. The framing functions as the skeleton of the residence and will be the base for your, ceilings, roofing, walls and even flooring. After the framing is up, all that remains is the installation of various building supplies to complete the property!