What Many Homeowners Ask About Roller Shutters

Posted on: 21 August 2018

Exterior roller shutters are a great choice for any home, especially those in areas prone to lots of inclement weather and strong storms. Shutters can protect a home's windows from high winds and damaging hail, and keep window glass and screens clean and free of dirt, dust, grime and the like. If you're considering roller shutters for your home, note a few questions you might have about this option, and you can then discuss your choices with an installer as needed.

Are roller shutters loud?

Metal roller shutters might rattle a bit in very high winds, but typically these shutters are made of a thick metal that absorbs vibrations and the sound of rainfall. Also, if you're very concerned about rattling and vibration, consider the installation of roller shutters that run on a track inside the window frame, rather than a style that just lowers shut. This track can help to keep the shutters in place so they vibrate less and make less noise.

What if a person doesn't want complete darkness in the home?

Roller shutters are often used by persons who suffer from migraines or other light sensitivities, or for a bedroom that faces a busy roadway or streetlight. However, if you don't want to block out all light, opt for vented shutters. These shutters have vents or holes along their front, so that light can pass through. Vented shutters then block quite a bit of light from outside the home and will still protect windows from damage but don't completely darken your interior space.

 Are shutters hard to open in an emergency?

Roller shutters typically provide protection from intruders who want to break into your home. This doesn't mean that they trap you inside when there's an emergency! Roller shutters operate with the use of a crank or motorized lever that is just inside the windows. In an emergency, you can typically open the shutters enough to escape out the window very quickly and very easily.

If you opt for shutters that lock in place, remember that this lock is also accessible from inside the home! A latch or other locking mechanism for shutters is often no more difficult to manage than the lock, latch or deadbolt attached to a home's windows or entryway doors. While you might use some caution about installing cumbersome shutters in a child's room, don't let the fear of being trapped in your home keep you from having strong and durable roller shutters installed.