5 Fun Design Ideas for Your Awning

Posted on: 17 August 2018

An awning can be a great way to put shade over your home, but there are a range of options. Consider having a little fun with your awning with some of the following ideas:

1. Choose Fun Patterns

A lot of awnings are basic, neutral colors, or homeowners choose awnings that complement the colour of their home or trim. You don't have to stick with these colour schemes -- you can play with almost any colour you want. Consider brightening up your home with a colourful striped awning, strike a whimsical notice with a polka dot awning, or go with a fun design that includes your family's last name or your business logo.

2. Go for a Peaked Look

While the typical awning extends from your home in a slanted design, that is certainly not the only option. Instead, consider going for a peaked look. For instance, if you're putting an awning over a square patio, each of the four corners of the awning can be on the same level. Then, the center of the awning can be a peak. You may want to play with the angles in a way that mirrors your home's roof lines in a fun way.

3. Consider a Floating Effect

Rather than a peaked look, consider going for a floating effect. This type of awning isn't necessarily attached directly to your home on one side. Instead, you have two anchors on your home as well two anchors on posts that are situated a bit away from your home; then, you clip the corners of the awnings to these anchors. You can adjust the anchors to create the best angle to block the sun, and you can even put in a few anchors so you can shift the angles as needed. Of course, you can also put in four poles and not have any of the awning anchored to your home.

4. Integrate Lighting

Your awning can provide shade during the day, but it can also hold lighting so that you can enjoy your veranda or patio in the evening as well. If you are putting in an awning with a metallic frame, you may want to hang pendant lights from the frame. With cloth awnings, strands of twinkly lights can create a fun effect.

5. Pair With Matching Outdoor Curtains

In addition to pairing your awning with lights, you may want to pair the awning with curtains. Outdoor curtains hanging on the sides of the awning can create a cozy outdoor living space, and you get the benefits of shade whether the sun is streaming down from overhead or from the side.